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Structurally, the terrarium differs from the aquarium in the presence of ventilation. A terrarium differs from a florarium in its lighting arrangement. For a terrarium, 1-2 special lamps and a lamp for heating animals are required. The florarium requires increased lighting, taking into account the plants that will grow there. A heating lamp for the florarium is not required.
We offer the development and manufacture of terrariums and florariums to order, of any degree of complexity and with almost any shape and size.

Projects of standard designs of terrariums and florariums.

Standard aquariums have a fairly common shape. The shape and size of the base is identical to the shape and size of the top of the aquarium.
Open design. A budget option. Suitable for slow moving animals.
Closed design with doors on two rails. Suitable for all animals except snakes.
Closed design with doors on one rail. Closes tightly. Suitable for all terrarium animals.
Closed design with hinged doors. Convenient to maintain. Suitable for weak and non-aggressive animals.
Closed terrarium with folding glass on magnetic latches. Closes tightly. Suitable for all terrarium animals.
This type of terrarium is equipped with our branded lid, the hinged part of which additionally blocks the hinged glass and ensures that the overly strong and nimble inhabitant of your terrarium does not escape from there, squeezing out the glass on magnetic latches.
All equipment necessary in the terrarium is easily connected (only one wire runs from the cover to the network).
Possibility to install the "night light".
Possibility to install in a timer.
Large selection of decorative coatings.
Among other things, we offer our unique designs of a tidal aquaterrarium that mimics the natural conditions for animals living in the intertidal or surf zone.

The block technology for manufacturing large terrariums developed in our company allows them to be increased as needed.

Terrariums developed by our company take into account the safety of the owners and their pets, as well as the convenience and safety of maintenance.

Sometimes we face the problem of unfinished projects.

If this is a large structure that the contractors for some reason did not complete, then we can assist in the completion of the project. And also to correct critical errors made in the development of such structures. For everywhere there is a specificity. It must be remembered that the construction of housing for people is usually very different from the manufacture of a terrarium for a large, and sometimes dangerous animal.

An order for the manufacture of a terrarium is carried out from 7 days to 2 months, depending on the complexity of the order.
You can call to us by the phone: +7 (926) 206-65-10
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