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With aquariums, various kinds of problems sometimes arise. Either the water is cloudy, or the fish are constantly dying, or something else…
What to do in these cases is unclear. Communication with fellow hobbyists, alas, does not always give positive results. Although, of course, there will be advice ... But what if something incomprehensible happens? And the advice of comrades, often contradictory, does not help? You can read a bunch of books, go to psychics or think of something else! But the easiest and, most importantly, most reliable thing is to entrust your aquarium to professionals!

The specialists of our company are ready to take care of your aquarium, both marine and freshwater. We can also look after terrarium animals or rare plants growing in your florarium.

Terms of Service:
1. Complete: weekly maintenance of the system, i.e. Once a week cleaning of the aquarium, terrarium or florarium.
2. Incomplete: care of the system 1 time in 2 weeks, i.e. 2 times a month.
3. One-time: episodic elimination of problems that have arisen in the aquarium. On call.
The payment for the first two service options includes regular monitoring of the aquarium by a specialist, animal feed and various preparations necessary to maintain an optimal regimen.
The third service option involves the arrival of our specialist on your call to eliminate the problems that have arisen. It also involves the possibility of consultation with the departure of a specialist on site.
The ecosystem in a marine aquarium is much more vulnerable than in a freshwater aquarium and monitoring it once every 2 weeks will not be enough. Therefore, we offer maintenance of marine aquariums only according to the Complete version, i.e. 1 time per week.
But if this option is unacceptable for some reason, then you can always use the one-time service.
Maintenance of the terrarium and florarium is carried out by personal agreement with its owner, depending on the animals or plants contained in the terrarium (florarium) and the complexity of their care.
Maintenance of the aquarium begins immediately after the conclusion of the contract and the receipt of the advance.
If the customer wishes to terminate the service and makes reasonable claims, the unused part of the advance payment is returned.
You can call to us by the phone: +7 (926) 206-65-10
Or send the E-mail:
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