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Making an aquarium or terrarium at first glance does not cause difficulties. However, the durability of its appearance and the well-being of the animals that live in it depend on how well the aquarium or terrarium is designed.
"Design" is a complex concept. It includes elements of animate and inanimate nature. Inanimate nature in this case includes soil, snags, stones and rocks. To the living - plants and animals, which actually play a decisive role. However, it must be remembered that when designing an aquarium or terrarium, there is nothing secondary. Everything is interconnected and has a great influence on each other.
Unfortunately, very often the shape and dimensions of the aquarium do not allow creating the desired underwater landscape in it. What to do in this case?... The way out of this situation is to set the embossed panorama behind the aquarium.
In this case, a embossed panorama is understood as a relief drawing, which depicts a landscape. This drawing expresses a certain design idea, the continuation of which is directly in the aquarium.
Panorama has many advantages:
1. It is clearly visible and, together with the inside, forms a single whole.
2. Creates a three-dimensional look and at the same time does not clutter up the interior of the aquarium or terrarium.
3. Does not interfere with the maintenance of the aquarium, and by reducing the decorations inside the aquarium makes it easier to clean the aquarium.
4. Easy to change and cheaper than creating a similar landscape directly in the aquarium.
Our company offers its services in the design of aquariums, terrariums and florariums. We can redesign an existing aquarium or arrange a new one, as well as make an aquarium, terrarium or florarium on a turnkey basis. with full decoration.
Some of the main decorative elements, such as rocks, we make ourselves using our own exclusive technologies.
We can make rocks for aquariums, terrariums and florariums of almost any type and size! Rocks can be revived by a stream or a waterfall.
Aquarium design options.
Design options for terrariums and florariums.
These sketches are for illustration purposes only. If you have your own ideas, we will help you bring them to life!
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