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The company "Aquarius-S" - is engaged development and manufactures the different original constructions of aquariums and terrariums, perfect for the interior of your home or office. In according to your wishes.
Our original technology allows to do any aquarium or terrarium on your sketches.
In other case you can choose your aquarium or terrarium from ready-made projects...
We give a warranty on our products, we are also ready to help you with the delivery.

Our technologies of the biofiltration allow you to spent less time for service of you aquarium. But if you do not want to pay attention to this at all, we are ready to take it over!
We can also tidy up the old aquarium or decorate a new.
Original approach at the design of aquarium or terrarium will allow you to have an unique landscape like in nature. It let your animal to feel like in their natural habitat.

Our company works since 1999. You can see our products..
You can call to us by the phone: +7 (926) 206-65-10
Or send the E-mail:
Attention!!! Our company is engaged just a projects of aquariums, terrariums, florariums, mini-zoos and exhibitions. The development, manufacture, design and service. We are not engaged in resale. But if you have problems with a aquariums or terrariums like as unfinished or low functional, we can assist in its completion or improvement.
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