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We offer the development and manufacture of custom-made aquariums, of any degree of complexity and with almost any shape and size.
Conventionally, aquariums with different shapes can be divided into 2 categories: Standard and Exclusive.

Standard aquariums

Standard aquariums have a fairly common shape. The shape and size of the base is identical to the shape and size of the top of the aquarium.
Classic Panorama Angle Panorama Lens Angle Lens
Our standard aquariums are equipped with covers designed by our company. For aquariums, 2 models have been developed: the classically shaped "normal" and the very elegant "elegant".
Classic Panorama Angle Panorama Lens Angle Lens
Classic Panorama Angle Panorama Lens Angle Lens
A distinctive feature of our covers is their high functionality and expandability.
The hinged part gives access to about half of the aquarium, which makes it possible to fully serve it, because:
the lamps do not interfere.
there is no side that prevents you from reaching the bottom.
Easy to remove and put back coverslips.
All the necessary equipment in the aquarium is easily connected (only one wire runs from the cover to the network).
In addition, our covers have other useful features:
Protection against intensive wall fouling.
Possibility to install the "night light".
Possibility to install in a timer and install an automatic feeder.
Large selection of decorative coatings.
The design features of our aquariums allow you to put a decorative panorama behind the aquarium even after it is installed and populated.
Our aquariums can be equipped with a proprietary overflow system for installing a remote biofilter (but this must be taken care of when ordering an aquarium).
An order for the manufacture of an aquarium is carried out from 3 days to 1 month, depending on the complexity of the order.
You can call to us by the phone:: +7 (926) 206-65-10
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